dogs in sweater

Winter Safety

As its getting cold outside, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind to keep you and your pup safe. As it is getting dark earlier, visibility when walking along paths and trails is important. Come pick up a glow collar or safety lights to keep you and your dog visible to cars, bikes, and golf carts. 

Ice and snow can be hard on dogs' paws. We have musher's wax and other protective coatings for sensitive paws, and well as a wide assortment of doggie boots. We also have many options for doggie coats and jackets.

Come see our selection today.

Toxic Algae in Water

This year has been particularly bad with water sources in the area being tainted with toxic algae. It is very harmful and often fatal to dogs, and it is hard to know if a water source is safe. 

In response to customer concerns, we now carry a 10 minute water test that will tell you if a water source is tainted with harmful algae for your dog. Come pick up your test today, for quick results and peace of mind. 

Dog Enjoying Campfire